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The SciML scientific machine learning blog discusses issues of numerical, technical, distributed and parallel computing associated with the field of scientific machine learning and the recent software developments of the SciML organization.

SciML Ecosystem Update: Koopman Optimization Under Uncertainty, Non-Commutative SDEs, GPUs in R, and More 2020-09-05

SciML Ecosystem Update: Neural PDEs, Lie Groups, and Stochastic Delay Differential Equations 2020-08-17

SciML Ecosystem Update: SDE Adjoints, FFORD Layers, and Jump Diffusion 2020-08-10

SciML Ecosystem Update: Auto-Parallelism and Component-Based Modeling 2020-06-01

SciML Ecosystem Update: Automated Model Discovery with DataDrivenDiffEq.jl and ReservoirComputing.jl 2020-05-09

SciML: An Open Source Software Organization for Scientific Machine Learning 2020-03-29

DifferentialEquations.jl v6.12.0: DAE Extravaganza 2020-03-23

DifferentialEquations.jl v6.11.0: Universal Differential Equation Overhaul 2020-02-18


DifferentialEquations.jl v6.7.0: GPU-based Ensembles and Automatic Sparsity 2019-07-05

DifferentialEquations.jl v6.6.0: Sparse Jacobian Coloring, Quantum Computer ODE Solvers, and Stiff SDEs 2019-06-24

DifferentialEquations.jl v6.5.0: Stiff SDEs, VectorContinuousCallback, Multithreaded Extrapolation 2019-06-06

DifferentialEquations.jl v6.4.0: Full GPU ODE, Performance, ModelingToolkit 2019-05-09

DifferentialEquations.jl 6.0: Radau5, Hyperbolic PDEs, Dependency Reductions 2019-02-02


DifferentialEquations.jl 5.0: v1.0, Jacobian Types, EPIRK 2018-08-20

DifferentialEquations.jl 4.6: Global Sensitivity Analysis, Variable Order Adams 2018-07-05

DifferentialEquations.jl 4.5: ABC, Adaptive Multistep, Maximum A Posteriori 2018-05-26

A "Jupyter" of DiffEq: Introducing Python and R Bindings for DifferentialEquations.jl 2018-04-30

DifferentialEquations.jl 4.4: Enhanced Stability and IMEX SDE Integrators 2018-04-13

DifferentialEquations.jl 4.3: Automatic Stiffness Detection and Switching 2018-04-09

DifferentialEquations.jl 4.2: Krylov Exponential Integrators, Non-Diagonal Adaptive SDEs, Tau-Leaping 2018-03-31

DifferentialEquations.jl 4.1: New ReactionDSL and KLU Sundials 2018-02-17

DifferentialEquations.jl 4.0: Breaking Syntax Changes, Adjoint Sensitivity, Bayesian Estimation, and ETDRK4 2018-01-24

DifferentialEquations.jl 3.4: Sundials 3.1, ARKODE, Static Arrays 2018-01-15


DifferentialEquations.jl 3.2: Expansion of Event Compatibility 2017-12-11

DifferentialEquations.jl 3.1: Jacobian Passing 2017-11-24

Stiff SDE and DDE Solvers 2017-08-25

SDIRK Methods 2017-08-13

SDIRK Methods 2017-07-06

Filling In The Interop Packages and Rosenbrock 2017-05-17

DifferentialEquations.jl 2.0 2017-04-30

DifferentialEquations.jl v1.9.1 2017-04-07

DifferentialEquations.jl Workshop at JuliaCon 2017 2017-04-04

DifferentialEquations.jl v1.8.0 2017-02-02

DifferentialEquations.jl v1.6.0 2017-01-14

base 2017-01-08

PDEs Update 2017-01-05

DifferentialEquations.jl 3.3: IMEX Solvers 2017-01-01


Hello World!! 2016-11-26

OrdinaryDiffEq v0.5 2016-01-21