SciML Developer Programs

SciML has many on-going developer programs for helping fund open source work. Opportunities are available for everyone, all the way from students looking to learn to career scientists looking to fund dedicated open source time. Below are our major developer programs with more information on how to get involved.

SciML Small Grants Program

The SciML small grants program is a program used to fund directed development towards high-impact issues through community donations. The small grant projects are decided by the SciML Steering Council and candidates can choose to take on projects from the project list. This is similar to "bounty programs" seen in other open source environments, though it is driven by SciML in a manner that is designed to give the better outcomes to both contributors and maintainers of the project. In order to remove a hostile competitive atmosphere, candidates must declare to the committee interest in solving the chosen issue and, upon approval by the selection committee, are given an exclusive time interval (defaulting to one month) to solve the issue. Payout is done upon completion of the chosen project.

The list of current small grants projects can be found at:

SciML Small Grants Program Current Project List

To declare for a small grant program, send an email to with:

The potential reviewers will then get in touch to clarify details of the project and establish a clear work statement. Once clarifed, steering council will then respond with whether the application is accepted and commence the work under the supervision of the reviewer. When the reviewer accepts and merges the appropriate PRs, the grant will be determined as completed and the payout will commence. The grants are project based and payout will only occur upon acceptance by the reviewer.

Note: Developers funded by other SciML fellowship programs are ineligible for obtaining the small grant awards during the term of their fellowship.

SciML Summer Fellowship

The SciML organization is happy to announce it will be running its first summer fellowship program! SciML summer fellowships are designed to fund promising budding open source developers wishing to contribute to SciML projects or applications of the SciML projects. Students as part of this fellowship program are expected to work full-time on Julia-based open source projects in the SciML organization or in sister organizations maintained by the SciML developers to ensure long-term viability for the projects. To apply, send an email to with a CV and a two page project description, describing your prior open source contributions and what is planned to work on for the summer.

For information on possible projects, please look at the Google Summer of Code and Google Season of Docs project lists for more information.

Note that the definition of summer is left purposely vague to accomodate the differing schedules of university students.

Google Summer of Code

The SciML organization is a partner organization for Google Summer of Code under the NumFOCUS umbrella. In this summer program, students are paid to work on various SciML open source software repositories. Each of the students are paired with a team of mentors to teaching them various aspects of computational science, from numerical differential equations and scientific machine learning, to parallel and symbolic-numeric computing.

To get started, take a look at the project lists and contact one of the mentors associated with the project.

Projects Lists

Google Season of Docs

The SciML project is a participant organization for Google Season of Docs. In this program, technical writers are paid to work on various SciML open source documentation. Each of the writers are paired with a team of mentors to help them learn various aspects of computational science, from numerical differential equations and scientific machine learning, to parallel and symbolic-numeric computing.

Check out the SciML GSoD projects to learn more!

MLH Summer Fellowship

The SciML organization partners with the MLH Fellowship to sponsor students over the summer for open source development. Check out the MLH Fellowship website for more information on getting involved.

NumFOCUS Small Development Grants

Semi-quarterly NumFOCUS puts out a call for small development grants. The SciML organization puts out a call for proposals from the community for grant proposals. There are no restrictions on what the funding can be used for. Code development, documentation work, educational, sustainability, and diversity initiatives, or other types of projects are all eligible. Since only one application can be put in for the Julia project, an internal selection process is used to determine which proposals will be submitted to NumFOCUS. For examples of grants that have been funded and more information, see the NumFOCUS small development grants page.

Up to USD 10,000 is available per proposal. NumFOCUS sponsored and affiliated projects may receive upto two grants per year and can submit one application per cycle.

If you are interested, please get in contact with Chris Rackauckas.