SciML Scientific Machine Learning Community

Official Channels

The following are the official channels of communication for the SciML community.


Our open web forum is provided courtesy of the Julia programming language disourse. SciML-specific questions can be tagged with diffeq or sciml, and using the domain Modeling & Simulations. Other general usage questions (installing, plotting, etc.) are of course welcome! When using this discourse, you must adhere to the Julia community rules.


For casual conversation and informal questions, we provide an open chatroom. The chatroom is openly available through the Zulip #sciml-bridged and differential equations chat in Zulip #diffeq-bridged This channel is also bridged to the Julialang Slack and is accessible in the #diffeq-bridged and #sciml channels. For access to the Slack, please ask for an invite via this link.


Development discussions should occur on Github through issues and pull requests. See the SciML Github Organization for a full list of repositories.


Questions on StackOverflow can be asked with the differentialequations.jl tag.


For updates on recent scientific machine learning developments, follow @SciML_Org.


To keep up with announcements follow SciML.


For sharing updates on scientific machine learning, see the SciML Scientific Machine Learning Reddit.

Community Standards

The SciML community strongly values inclusivity and diversity. Everyone should treat others with the utmost respect. Everyone in the community must adhere to the NumFOCUS Code of Conduct which reflects the values of our community. Violations of the code should be reported to members of the steering council, where the offenses will be handled on a case-by-case basis.